6 Reasons Why Music Is Good For You

6 Reasons Why Music Is Good For You

September 13, 2022

You know when you turn on the radio and a song from a certain time in your life comes on and it brings you back there in an instant? I have had those musical moments more and more as I grow more "mature". A song from high school brings me back to a moment when I defied my parents. Or the song I walked down the aisle to at my wedding. And of course, the Barney song that my oldest daughter couldn't get enough of that still drives me insane. 

This weekend we are hosting our annual MusicFest event right outside our offices in Shelton, Ct. Music is an important part of our lives. Music is our "go to" form of entertainment and creativity. This week I wanted to share why music is good for us..no matter who you are.

Here are 6 reason why music is good for us.

1. Music makes you move and moving is good. Have you ever noticed a great song comes on and you start to tap your foot, pick up your pace or even dance a bit? As we mature we must keep moving. Music motivates us to move.

2. Music relaxes us. It can have the exact opposite effect of moving. The "right" music can quiet your mind. Some people go to sleep while listening to music. I like to craft while music is on in the background.

3. Music is creative. It can help us use our imagination. It can inspire us to explore all areas of artistic expression. Michael is a song writer. He spent much of the pandemic collaborating with a fellow musician and wrote 12 songs. If you want to hear them you can look up BLUR COUNTY on Apple music or Spotify. They are amazing.

4. Music is the universal language. It is so true. No matter what language a person speaks we all seem to connect to a beautiful song with or without words. 

5. Music brings people together. Have you ever gone to a concert and immediately bonded with the people sitting behind you. You don't know them at all and in everyday life you may not have anything in common. But the band you are about to see brings you to the same place to enjoy the same music. And suddenly there is this unspoken connection.

For the past 6 years I have been participating in the adult program at School Of Rock. Each week for 3-4 months we do a show that is themed by singer or song style. I am currently doing The 80's Show. About a dozen of us ranging in age from 18-60 years old get together every Monday night to practice. We will have a "show" in a few weeks. It's always such a blast having a chance to meet people from all walks of life. Even though we normally would not float in the same peer circle we have this "thing" we do. It really is so great and has enriched my life tenfold.

6. Music is fun!  And we can all use more fun in our lives. 

So break out your iphone, radio, guitar, computer, drum set, shaker, microphone and turn it up. Enjoy some tunes and this weekend join us at our annual MUSICFEST.  It's a client event but we are extending an invite to everyone. Email us at Info@strategies4wm.com or call 203-372-4442 if you would like to attend. It is Saturday, September 17, 2022 @ 6:30 - 9:30 PM. We will be having food trucks for food purchase. Bring a lawn chair and byob.

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