Manners Cost Nothing

October 13, 2021

Usually on a normal day, (are days normal anymore?), our blogs are about retirement financial goals or retirement lifestyle choices. This week I am inspired to write about manners. You know, the PLEASE & THANK YOU phrases that seem to be completely gone from society. This past weekend I was at the supermarket with Michael doing our shopping. When we got to the register to pay the cashier began bagging our goods. Now, I usually do it myself because I like my bags packed a certain way but this day I let her bag for me. And when she was done I thanked her. Her response surprised me.

"You are the first person who has thanked me all day". She said. Mind you it was 4pm.

"Really, no one has thanked you today?" I replied. 

She kept bagging. "Actually, no one ever really does and it's ok but it's nice that you did"

" isn't ok that no one thanks you and I am sorry for that. But I really do appreciate it."

And that got me aware of all the things that we have lost during the past year and a half (almost 2 years). In addition to large concerts, big parties, movie theaters and stress free dining I think we all may have forgotten about manners. Not on purpose perhaps. Maybe it's just a result of the pressures we feel due to the pandemic. You know, that feeling of just get in and get out and maybe I will be ok. I am not sure. But I know that I am committing to upping my PLEASE & THANK YOUs. I think being socially distant has made me a little socially unmannered. And that isn't ok. 

At Strategies For Retirement we always try to express our gratitude to all of our wonderful clients and the people we encounter daily. It is an important part of our business and one that Michael & I have maintained since we started. EspecialIy during these crazy times.  hope whoever you trust with your financial accounts and planning has the same philosophy. 

Meanwhile, next time you go out and about see if you witness what I did. And maybe toss a few niceties into the mix.

THANKS for reading :0) I APPRECIATE it.

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