Taylor Swift Raised My Daughter & Now She's Raising Me!

Taylor Swift Raised My Daughter & Now She's Raising Me!

December 19, 2023

Why would I be writing about Taylor Swift on a Wealth Management blog? Unless you have been living in a cave this past year, she has single handedly boosted the economy of every city she has performed in. In fact, several world leaders have asked her to come perform in their country for that reason. I would be remiss to not acknowledge her financial influence. You may not like Taylor Swift but your 401K does!

I am also writing about her because like millions of other people she has had a huge effect on me. Not necessarily financially (although my little adventure was a bit of a surge) but rather emotionally.

Full disclosure here. Before July 2023 I knew 3 things about Taylor Swift. First, she was a young country singer who "broke" into mainstream music. Second, a rapper interrupted her acceptance speech several years ago and it was all over the media. And third, my daughter, Zoe LOVED her. She would get wildly excited when a new album came out. I would hear things like "easter eggs" and celebrity boyfriends. I had no idea what it all meant.  

There was a time Taylor released a 10 minute version of a song. Zoe tried to play it but I really couldn't focus. I didn't get it. It was just a really long song like that song The Day The Music Died by Don McLean. I just thought  my daughter was a super fan like I was of Madonna. I was extremely wrong. Swifites are not just fans. 

This whole thing started early summer this year when Zoe went to the Taylor Swift Era's Tour in New Jersey. She and her girlfriends got invited as part of a birthday celebration for one of her friends. They were all thrilled. They went and Zoe ended up having a terrible migraine headache. It was less than optimal for her. Within days of that concert, Zoe started her plan. And in perfect Swifty Style I was about to get seriously TAYLORED.

 She asked me would I be interested in going to see Taylor with her......in California. I brushed it off thinking the idea was crazy. I did see the media reports that this was the concert of all concerts. But I didn't think it was a practical idea to fly to Calilfornia just to see Taylor. And then came the power point presentation. Oh, yes. My daughter has been doing this since she was 11 years old. She presents us or in this case me a slide show of why I NEED to go see Taylor. I got schooled on all the albums, on what "TV" really meant and on how we needed to begin making friendship bracelets right that minute in order to have enough. I know. This seemed crazy. Without missing a beat, she sat me down and we watched Miss Americana! Mmmm....this Taylor girl is quite a thing. Was this unreasonable? When will I get to do this again with my youngest daughter? And maybe I needed to start being a little unreasonable. 

After some thought, some ticket shopping and travel research. I succumbed.  As a bonus I would get to see my brother, niece and sister-in-law. They were going to join us at the concert.  Little did I know my world was about to change.

We spent the day before adding to our already massive friendship bracelet collection. Other than my daughters prep for the big day, I only knew some of Taylor's popular songs. But I quickly realized that the concert was not about just the songs. The culture that Taylor has created defies all explanation. I have never experienced such a sisterhood. Bracelets and compliments were flying left and right. The kindness was amazing. The respect that the crowd had for each other was beautiful to witness. All ages, all races, all sexes under one giant stadium dome. Just wow! That night I fell in love with Taylor and her Swifties. I realized my daughter had an amazing role model. Someone who is smart, yet goofy. Beautiful yet not flawless. Strong but not scared to be vulnerable. No wonder I went across the country to see a performer I knew little about. My daughter was part of a growing group of SWIFTIES who can unapologetically ask for what they want. But not just by begging and wining. By thoughtful expression, consideration for the other person and a bold confidence in request. I would love to be that way too. And on that day, in that stadium, my 57 year old self decided that if my 24 year old can grow up among strong brave women  so can I.

Since that concert I have dived deep into Taylors albums. I have some favorites and then some less favorites. Some are better for working out. Others for driving. Some have made me downright cry hysterically. Others crack me up. At first I was a bit embarrassed being so enamored with Taylor and her writing. Now I see I am in good company. I was just listening to The Daily - a NYT Podcast. Taffy Brodessor-Aknerwas the guest. She talks about why Taylor has had such a profound 2023 and been so impactful. Something that she said really resonates with me. I am paraphrasing here but she said Taylor has the ability to take us on her journey from girlhood to womanhood unlike any else before. She writes about the things that have gone wrong in her life in a way that everyone relates to. For me, she has been able to describe emotions with words in a way I could never do.  I hope to go again one day with my other daughter, Madison and my granddaughter,Riley. But until then I will keep listening to her music. And keep singing her praises to any one who is willing to listen.

Oh and thanks Zoe for inspiring us to go. xo