The Cost of Procrastination- Strategies For Retirement

The Cost of Procrastination- Strategies For Retirement

September 07, 2021

Some of us share a common experience. You're driving along when a police cruiser pulls up behind you with its lights flashing. You pull over, the officer gets out, and your heart drops.

“Are you aware the registration on your car has expired?” 

You've experienced one of the costs of procrastination.

Procrastination is avoiding a task that needs to be done—postponing until tomorrow what could be done today. Procrastinators can sabotage themselves. They often put obstacles in their own path. They may choose paths that hurt their performance.

Though Mark Twain famously quipped, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” We know that procrastination can be detrimental, both in our personal and professional lives. Problems with procrastination in the business world have led to a sizable industry in books, articles, workshops, videos, and other products created to deal with the issue. There are a number of theories about why people procrastinate, but whatever the psychology behind it, procrastination may cost money—particularly when financial decisions are put off.

So- what does it cost you?


Waiting last minute to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves could land you on a wait list, or on hold, or even in long lines!  (We've all put off the Christmas shopping...)


Oh man... time is MONEY!!!   Putting off your health costs money in the end, putting off an oil change costs MORE money in the end, or not taking your money off the table when it's time to put it somewhere free of fees and stock market loss.  There's a time and a place, and that's now. 


Putting off that call to a loved one, putting off a visit, could lead to you losing that relationship.  It seems like such a small gesture once that relationship is lost- so why did you put it off?

Take action now.  It'll change your life.

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