Vision Boards Make A Difference

Vision Boards Make A Difference

December 28, 2021

Call it a wrap....2021 is out of here! I love a NEW year. It gives me an opportunity to have a clean slate. I don't spend a ton of time reminiscing. I am more of a forward thinker. I love new opportunities and personal growth. That is why Michael and my newest tradition has been a great addition to our lives.

For the past several years we have taken the opportunity to create vision boards on New Years Day. It is the perfect activity for us because Michael is a passionate GOAL SETTER and I am a passionate CRAFTER. We are both in our element. Michael enjoys planning ahead and I love being at a table full of glue sticks and markers.

We have one major rule. We don't look at each others boards until we are done. That way neither of us influence one another. And it's always so great to see that we share many of the same goals. Whew! That would be dicey otherwise.

Vision boards can come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some vision board resources and ideas:

1) Good Old Fashion Poster Board- This is the approach we use. I like to work with my hands. We also recycle magazines and newspapers for this activity. We actually started saved our periodicals for this very purpose. We originally had HUGE poster board but that was ridiculous. We now use 11 x 14 poster board.

2) Digital Vision Board Apps- For the digital masters out there...and those who hate glue sticks. I love's a graphic art app that is easy to use and free for limited use. 

3) Use a magnetic board or your refrigerator-If you prefer to have it IN YOUR FACE and like to be more fluid about your vision board this could be for you. I have heard some people use the refrigerator as motivation to lose weight or change health habits but why not put your life goals there as well?

4) Make an audio/vision board-Some people are more audio driven. Most people have audio capabilities on there cell phone. Maybe talk your vision and replay it for motivation OR maybe use music for motivation. Making a DREAM mix tape, perhaps. Then use it during your work out and while you are doing other daily activities.

5) Take a picture of your VISION board- Use it as a screen saver on your phone, Ipad, laptop etc. The point is to be reminded of your dreams and goals. If you see it the chances are good it will happen. You don't have to share it with other people but you should be reminded of it for yourself.

If you have vision board tips we would love to hear them. Feel free to contact us. 

Happy New Year! We hope all your dreams come true and if we can help in any way we are here for you.

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