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November 2023

Why your holiday charity donations make the most impact. According to Charity Navigator, charities receive an average of 41% of their contributions in the last few weeks of the year, making these weeks crucial in hitting year-end giving goals. 

April 2023

One of the best Warren Buffett quotes is, "Remember that the stock market is a manic depressive." What he's suggesting is that stock prices can sometimes swing wildly from day to day in response to even minor news. 

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January 2023

The New Year brings a clean slate. It's a good time to organize your financial accounts and take an inventory of the ones you like versus the ones you may want to review. Here are ways to improve your financial wellness.

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October 2022

Pullback, Corrections & a Bear Market-  we discuss what each term means and the effect they can have on the market. See pictures from our recent Music Festival client event.

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July 2022

We examine new vacation trends because you deserve to take a break, and share six secrets for becoming a smarter investor. Check out our YouTube Channel. Save the date for our next client appreciation event.

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April 2022

Our client appreciation brunch was a hit! Michael & Laura went to Arizona to film more episodes of their TV show and reunite with family. We welcome Douglas Wisentaner to our team.

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January 2022

We changed our name! Our new name better reflects our wonderful expansion. We can't wait to share with you our new approach, and serve you and your financial goals even better. 

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November 2021

We celebrate the recent launch of Michael & Laura's TV show "Rock Your Retirement." We had a wonderful client event in September with live bands and food trucks. Save the date- We're having a New Year's Breakfast at The Aria.

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